California Living

So here we are, almost a year in California. Life moves a little quicker, we are a little more passionate, money is easier, we don’t sweat as much, and we are happy.

You’d think I’d get back into my routine of exercising and my life long goal of being a fit bitch but I’m just taking it one day at a time. As much as I miss the island, I’m happy in California. We’re happy in California. Yes I still have a spending addiction, many years later and I’m sure many more to come but we’ll just take that as it hits us.

Even though I’m failing at being a fit bitch, I am continuing my other life long passion-to be as tan as possible. Because I don’t believe in SPF, and by “don’t believe” I mean I don’t like it- I’ve come to the sad yet deserving conclusion that I will soon look like I’m 50 even though I’m a fall chicken in my late twenties. The way I see it is that I have earned my soon to come sun-caused wrinkles as well as some beautiful dark spots, however I have begun to invest in self-tanner. I don’t mind having a slightly orange-ish glow and of course I discovered a tanning oil with 15spf in it…which unfortunately does actually work.

Once we actually hit a true year in California, THEN I will start my fit bitch phase of my life, until then, I’ll work on the tan.




2 years past

Two years in Hawaii gone and past. We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience Hawaii and the growth our relationship made while we were there. On to our next adventure….. California!!!!! Although I will forever miss those crystal clear Hawaii beaches….. I sure missed $2.99 strawberries and being able to afford everything again! We are so excited and happy to be closer to family, surrounded by In and Out, and still be by my ocean!! Here’s to the future, and many more adventures that await us!!! NOW WE CAN AFFORD TO TRAVEL!!!!!!!! ūüėć

A year and a half

So, we’ve been living in Hawaii now for about a year and a half. It’s changed us. We go outside more, I’ve stayed tan for about an entire year, I’m not obsessed with shopping as I once was-because I can’t be, and we still are in awe of this beautiful place we can now call home. You’d think it would get old, because it did at one point, always sunny, always sandy, it never rains… just sprinkles…sounds horrible right? But what about the fall leaves… what about that smell of that first, crisp, 60 degree morning..if it has a smell..what about that first warm coffee on the first cold morning of the year? Leaves changing and falling, the naked trees, the snow, turning your world white and dangerous for a time, and then everything starts a new. I miss that. Nature doesn’t start over here, it continues, the waves change sides of the island, whales leave and then come back, the air cools down and then warms back up, night comes sooner in a blink of an eye, all while the sun changes angles yes still shines bright every day. Even if the weather says it’s going to pour, it’s a lie. I love living in Hawaii, it’s still just as hard as it was when we first got here, but it gets easier as we grow. But best of all, living here has made us realize what our priorities are in life. Before this island it was – what was the newest Michael Kors tote that I could impulsively buy on my way through the mall. Now it’s- wow…. I spent how much on a purse that sits alone with its brothers and sisters in my closet!? The good thing is that going to the beach, getting sandy, running with my fur baby, and spending time with the love of my life is all I really need. I don’t need huge expensive purses, or to shop only at whole foods for the fanciest looking sandwich (still love me some Whole Foods), or to buy the newest trend- whatever it may be. I don’t need any of that anymore. All I need is my little beach family, the ocean, and one of those endlessly sunny Hawaii days. 

Beauty from Within.

i believe the most attractive thing about a woman is her confidence. If she is smiling, having fun, believes in herself, and is genuine, she shines! I’ve had so many friends who worry so much what they look like or what people think that they mask themselves in make up or clothes. I have done the same thing. I’ve learned that a smile can be your best accessory. Confidence comes from loving and accepting yourself and to me that is true beauty.  But don’t get me wrong, I love me some styling clothes.


Love yourself!



Accessorize your Life.

aloha! On this beautifully hot island, clothing options are minimal. At least for those who haven’t adjusted to the heat… But adding the right accessories can make an outfit complete!!! I don’t have many accessories….but these catch my eye!!!



Money Honey.

so we’ve been in Hawaii for about 2 & 1/2 months now  and it’s amazing! The weather is always perfect, the ocean is 4 blocks away, and…it’s Hawaii. I have learned many things being so far away from home and completely out of my comfort zone, but one main thing that stands out is MONEY. I have been fortunate enough in my life to never have to worry about money, whether it be growing up and my parents supporting me to supporting myself after college. I’ve always been able to buy all the clothes and smoothies and Starbucks I’ve ever wanted with my own money and never have any issues. Until now. Now I live in a MUCH more expensive part of the world and I never realized how easy I had it. Blowing money on clothes left and right, only wearing things once or twice most of the time. My shopping addiction world has been turned upside down and boy am I suffering. I’ve never not been able to buy anything except for 2 years ago when I made a bet that I wouldn’t buy anything for a month. I literally can’t buy anything. That will change soon (fingers crossed) but I am thankful to have had a wake up call as much as my little shopaholic mind is continuously tortured by all the things I can’t have. I would like to think that not being able to buy ANYTHING will change me, will help my shopping addiction, but I honestly don’t think so. I love clothes too much. I have, however, learned that when it comes down to it, money isn’t everything – but it sure helps. I’ve been forced to do things that don’t cost; hike, explore, swim, make my own food, walk to work, and so many other things I didn’t even realize money took a part in. For now I’ll have to Pinterest shop and tumblr shop….So, here are things and looks that inspire me…and that I will be able to afford soon enough, just not yet.